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…authentic costumes... extremely well-presented drama workshop!...”

KS1 – The Great Fire of London
The Harris Primary, Preston

…the experience had a significant impact on the children's learning and understanding…”

Benchill Primary,
Wythenshaw, Manchester

…a very interactive, fun experience with a wide range of role-play opportunities...”

Catforth Primary, Preston

“You made history really interesting and fun!”

“Thank-you for a brilliant day! I loved doing the play and all the activities!”

Year 5 Pupils,
Garstang Community Primary


The Stuarts –The Great Fire of London 1666

Children are provided with hand-made high quality costumes and dress as 17th century characters to re-enact the Great Fire of London. Characters include Charles II, Samuel Pepys, Farynor the baker, Soldiers, Sailors, Lord Mayor and Citizens of London. 
Suitable for KS1 & KS2...... age - appropriate

• History Detectives & Fire-Fighting Games Workshop
• Costumed Dance Workshop
• ‘Hands-On’ Craft Workshop – Plague & Fire

Henry VIII’s  Court – Role-Play Workshop

I lead the role-play workshop as story-teller, looking back over the reign of King Henry VIII  covering:- why he married 6 times, life expectancy, Tudor medicines & remedies, executions, jousting tournament, step-by-step dressing of Anne Boleyn, punishments, dance & entertainments.

Elizabethan Servants ‘Hands-On’ Craft Workshop

Children, in the role of Elizabethan Servants, prepare for a royal visitor.

• Pomanders & Nosegays
• Plague Charms
• Marchpane Sweets
• Scribes
• Court Portrait Artists
• Heraldic Shields

Tudor Dance Workshop

Children dress in costume and take part in the wedding celebrations of Henry VIII and each of his six wives. The workshop also includes step by step dressing Anne Boleyn, ‘Jester fun’, mock-jousting and the very popular pillory!

Contact: Debbie Ashby (B.Ed) or Malcolm Ashby (BA, Cert.Ed) Tel: 01704 895494 Email: realhistoryhire@aol.com