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“....the timeline workshop has given the children a brilliant overview of history from Stone Age to Present Day. We couldn’t recommend Debbie highly enough!....”

Whole School
Woodhouse Primary,
Brighouse, Yorkshire

“...Great workshop!..... Lots of practical ideas that can be adapted to suit different age groups..... An engaging workshop.. Very hands-on!..... Great ideas for enquiry-based learning.... Fantastic artefacts!...”

Liverpool Schools,
Network Conference Day

“...Enjoyed the variety of artefacts.... Gave me useful ideas to use in the classroom.... I feel my subject knowledge has improved....Good quality resources..... ....Lots of ideas of how artefacts can be used within topics...

Mersey Borough NQT’s

“....a very informative session with lots of hands-on resources... Mrs Ashby worked well with the children and took the time to learn nearly all of their names!...”

Stone Age Artefacts Workshop,
Hindley Junior & Infant School

“The WW1 workshops were hugely enjoyable, thoroughly organised and very imformative…”

KS1 – Walmsley CE Primary, Bolton

“A very well organised and prepared service from initial enquiry to collection of resources and costumes. As a teacher I found this very reassuring.”

Aughton St. Michael's CE Primary

“Better than a school trip…less time spent travelling and more time for fun!”

Year 6 Pupil – St. Mary's Catholic Primary School, Southport



Are you trying to juggle too many tasks?

Are you looking for an exciting, engaging way to teach your history topic and provide a ‘WOW’ factor?

Would you like to improve your own subject knowledge?

Are you looking for ideas to teach historical enquiry skills?

Let Real History help you…

• We can provide high-quality, affordable costumes.
• We can plan, prepare and present history workshops
• No need to ask stressed parents to provide costumes or coach fare

No risk-assessment • No planning • No resources to prepare • No traffic queues • No coach expense • No wasted travel time • No travel-sickness • No stress

Teaching History Through Artefacts – Training for Primary Teachers

This INSET Artefacts Workshop  demonstrates  different ways of using artefacts  ( & costumes)  in the classroom to develop historical enquiry skills and to enhance the children's experience of history - through a hands-on approach - handling & working with artefacts from a range of time periods appropriate to the history curriculum in KS1 & KS2 - helping children to learn for themselves, experiencing the past through the senses of sight, touch and smell and providing opportunities for group and class discussion. The costumes help the children to relate to and visualise the time-period.

Teachers will participate in a very practical, hands-on workshop and be able to transfer the skills, approaches and ideas to their own classrooms and the teaching of their own history topics/themes.

History Curriculum for KS1 & KS2

Key Stage 1

Pupils should know and understand the history of Britain as a coherent, chronological narrative from the earliest times to the present day....
‘Time-Line’ – Stone Age to Present Day

Changes in national life within living memory…
1940’s /1950’s – Then & Now…. 

Changes to everyday lives – housing, washing, cleaning, shopping, entertainment, toys & games, work, education, transport, fashion, health  / NHS, housing…
Queen Elizabeth II  - Then & Now….

Significant events beyond living memory – nationally or globally…
The Black Death 1348 – Medieval Life  /  Knights &Castles
The Spanish Armada 1588 – 
celebrate victory at the Elizabethan Court
The Great Plague 1665 
The Great Fire of London 1666

Significant events commemorated through anniversaries…

The Great War – 1914-1918 – 2018 - 100th Anniversary of End of WW1  
World War Two – June 2019 = 75th Anniversary of D-Day  

Lives of significant individuals in the past ….compare aspects of life in different periods…
Edward III  –  Medieval King / Knights & Castles / Black Death 1348             
William the Conqueror 
Henry VIII
Elizabeth I   Queen Victoria   Florence Nightingale   Queen Elizabeth II

Significant  historical events, people, places in your locality…
Local Heritage / School Centenary – Castles       Tudors        WW1       WW2      Traditional Toys & Games     Victorians   Textiles/ Crafts

Key Stage 2

Pupils should know and understand the history of Britain as a coherent, chronological narrative from the earliest times to the present day....                  
‘Time-Line’ – Stone Age to Present Day

Significant events commemorated through anniversaries…

The Great Plague 1665
The Great War – 1914-1918 – 100th Anniversary
World War Two

Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to Iron Age…
Stone Age Artefacts & Art & Craft Workshops
‘Time-Line’ – Stone Age to Present Day     

A study of an aspect or theme in British History that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066…   
…leisure & entertainment in the 20th century…
Toys & Games        Dance Through Time – Fashion, Music and Dance
…crime & punishment…
Tudor Crime & Punishment    

…a significant turning point in British History…                                                   
The Black Death 1348 – Medieval King / Knights & Castles
Henry VIII – The Break with Rome & Dissolution of the Monasteries
WW1 – The Great War
WW2 – Battle of Britain
         D-Day     VE Day

…the achievements of the earliest civilisations – a depth study…       
Ancient Egypt


• Ancient Greece Workshop
• Iron Age Workshop
• Anglo-Saxon Britain Workshop

Contact: Debbie Ashby (B.Ed) or Malcolm Ashby (BA, Cert.Ed) Tel: 01704 895494 Email: realhistoryhire@aol.com