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“…a fantastic experience for both children & staff....
We love how Debbie interacts with & engages the children whilst teaching so many historical facts...”

Whole School (400+ children)
Woodhouse Primary,
Brighouse, Yorkshire

“The WW1 workshops were exciting & inspiring…the perfect way to end our whole-school topic!”

St Mary's Catholic Primary, Scarisbrick

“…an extremely valuable history resource which allowed children to really interact with artefacts and take a closer look at the past!
Stone Age Artefacts

Childwall Valley Primary, Liverpool

“…carefully planned and well-resourced activities…”

Lathom St. James Primary, Ormskirk

“…the best history presentation we’ve ever had in our school…”

Garstang St. Thomas’ Primary, Preston

“The Florence Nightingale costumes really made a difference to our class assembly!”

St. Theresa’s RC Primary,
St. Helens

“Totally brilliant!
well-resourced and well-organised. I would recommend this experience to everyone!”

Holy Family Catholic Primary, Southport

“The costumes helped to make a good lesson great.”

Ofsted Inspection
Parsons Cross Primary, Sheffield

“The service and information before, during and after was fantastic! I would recommend this to any teacher!”

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary, Southport


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We provide high-quality, great-value historical costumes for hire in North West Primary Schools for pupils and teachers – for Themed School Events, History Days, Assemblies.

We organise and run tailor-made HISTORY DAYS in the safety and convenience of your own school, to match your requirements and budget.

Real History offers a professional, friendly service and is run by qualified & experienced teachers with DBS clearance and public liability insurance.

New Workshops & Costumes…

• Victorian Morris Dancing’ Workshop  –  NEW!
....Visit our Victorians page for more details....

• Teaching History Through Artefacts – Training for Primary Teachers
....Visit our Teachers page for more information....

• ‘Time-Line’ Workshop  –  Stone Age to Present Day             
....a fun, engaging and memorable way to teach historical chronology & change over time... fashion / clothing, life-styles, pastimes, technology, music & dance.  Children dress in costume to make a ‘Human Time-Line’. This workshop is suitable for a single class, key stage or whole school.

• ‘Dance Through Time’ Workshops
20th Century Dance Workshop  or Medieval to 20th Century
...costumed dance-based workshops. Contact us for details....

• Queen Elizabeth II  & Coronation Workshop              
....Contact us for details...

Shakespeare’ –  Workshops for Shakespeare Week  –  BOOK EARLY!
Contact us for details...

• The Great Plague 1665 Workshop             
Find out about Stuart life during The Great Plague of 1665. Costumes include King Charles II, Queen Catherine, James Duke of York, Samuel Pepys, Plague Doctor (Step-by-step Dressing Activity), Sailors & Citizens. The workshop covers EVIDENCE sources, Rats & Fleas, Symptoms, Spread, Clothes, Medicine, Consequences...

• The Black Death 1348 –  Medieval Workshop
…a Medieval Role-Play Workshop...Where & When the Black Death started, Spread of the Disease, Remedies & Cures and a Celebration of the end of the Black Death of 1348-1350 at the royal court with King Edward III & Queen Philippa – music & dancing.

• William Morris – Art / Design / Craft Workshop                     

• Stone Age Artefacts Workshop
An opportunity for pupils to be HISTORY DETECTIVES and develop their historical enquiry skills.  Children are introduced to a range of artefacts to find out for themselves about life in the Stone Age – an ideal way for children to see, feel, smell and experience the past. The workshop covers basic survival, materials, tools, weapons, hunting & gathering, food, animals, clothes & art.

• Stone Age Art & Crafts Workshop
....a ‘hands-on’ activity workshop using ‘Stone Age’ tools, materials & techniques... 
* Stone Age Jewellery       * String Making       * Cave

• Ancient Egypt  Workshop                
Find out about life and death in Ancient Egypt – Pharaohs & Queens, Leisure Activities, Magic & Medicine, Food, Fashion & Beauty, Mummification, Gods, Religion & EVIDENCE. Visit our ‘FAQs & Links ’ page for photographs.

• Florence Nightingale Workshop                                           
Re-enact the story of Florence Nightingale and experience what it was like in the hospital at Scutari. Costumes include Florence Nightingale, Nurses, Surgeons, Soldiers,  Victorian Gentlemen, Sidney Herbert, Queen Victoria….

The Great War 100th Anniversary Workshop – World War 1 – 1914 -1918
2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.Commemorate this important event with a costumed interactive presentation & Trenches Workshop– single class, key stage or whole school.

School Centenary Workshop
What was life like 100 years ago when your school first opened? Contact us for details.

The Great Fire Of London
Visit our Tudors & Stuarts page for more information.

• Traditional Tales – St. George & The Dragon
Re-enact the story of St. George & the Dragon – role-play, horse-riding, knight training – and join in the celebrations after St. George's victory – Jester Tricks, Music and Dance.

• Knights & Castles  
Join in the wedding celebrations of the Medieval King & Queen – gifts for the royal couple, jousting tournament, acting out the story of St. George & The Dragon, entertainments from the court jester / musicians & Medieval music & dancing.

• Medieval Dance Workshop

• Medieval Castle Games Workshop

Join in a day of celebration at the castle - The children play a wide range of medieval games - Castle Attack Skittles, Knock the Knight, Juggling Jester, Card & Dice Games, Horse-Shoe Quoits, Pillory Punishment….

• Normans & Castles
Covering the lead up to & the Battle of Hastings 1066, imposition of Norman rule & castle building, impact on the Saxons.... Find out more about William the Conqueror & Queen Matilda and life & entertainments in a Norman Castle.

History Curriculum for KS1 & KS2

Visit our Teachers Page to find out how Real History can help you to cover the History Curriculum…

Contact: Debbie Ashby (B.Ed) or Malcolm Ashby (BA, Cert.Ed) Tel: 01704 895494 Email: realhistoryhire@aol.com